A two-phase reactivation kit. The combination of Re-actifier 1 and Re-actifier 2 reactivates and lengthens the effects of ESLABONDEXX™ treatment in the salon, keeping hair structured and moisturised.


Protective treatment in gel, specific for bleaching. When added to the bleach and peroxide mix, it protects and gives new life to the natural structure of hair, reducing breakage during the bleaching process.

1. connector (100ml - 500ml)

Intermixed with the chemical service mixture, ESLABONDEXX™ Connector preserves and protects the hair structure, interconnecting its fibres. It also delivers active principles, providing hair with strength and elasticity.

2. AMPLIFIER (100ml - 500ml - 1000ml)

Fortifying cream that closes the scales keeping the active ingredients within the hair structure, while delivering added nourishment, hydration and shine.

3. SUSTAINER (250ml)

Bi-weekly at home treatment that delivers emollients to enhance hair’s suppleness and impart shine.


1 Connector 500 ml + 1 Amplifer 500 ml


1 Connector 100ml + 1 Amplifier 100ml + 1 Sustainer 100ml

4. RESCUE SHAMPOO (200ml - 1000ml)

Conditioning and strengthening shampoo for damaged hair. Cleanses gently, providing strength and shine to hair. It can be applied in salon during Eslabondexx™ treatment, or used as a traditional shampoo 2/3 times a week. In fact, thanks to its particular formula rich in active ingredients, the benefits delivered by Eslabondexx™ treatment are long lasting.


Immediate Rescue is a specific treatment for very damaged hair due to technical services, especially bleaching, chemical straightening and perms. Consisting of the same mixture of amino acids and niosome as Eslabondexx™ line, Immediate Rescue formula is enriched with vegetable proteins. This special mix of ingredients is absorbed into the hair cortex, strengthening it internally, and at the same time develops a protective film to strengthen, protect and provide shine. It also repairs the hair structure preventing it from breaking after each chemical treatment.

6. LEAVE-IN RESCUE (150ml)

Strengthening no-rinse treatment, specific for fine, very damaged hair. Enriched with a special protein complex, it is highly conditioning and prevents breakage. It strengthens hair from the inside and protects and gives sheen to the surface, in addition to reducing damage caused by environmental stress and styling treatments. Easy to use at home: apply to wet or dry hair and after a few minutes proceed with the desired styling.


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